How I Travel So Much-Quick Tips.

I always get the question, where are you going to next? And I absolutely LOVE that question because if anyone knows me, you know how much I love to travel. Traveling is something I am passionate about because as I travel I am gaining memories and experiences that material things cannot give me. I get to see exciting new cultures and try new food! Check out 5 tips below that allow me to incorporate travel into my life!

  1. Always be watching for flights!

There are a few websites I use in order to monitor flights. The number one site that I use is  Pomelo Travel. They have the option to sign up for free flight alerts or the option to do a yearly subscription (which is NOT expensive) I get alerts that I can actually use, flying out from various cities with destinations like China, Bali, Thailand, Greece & More.  Currently they have a giveaway going on for two free flights to Europe or Hawaii! Go sign up for free flight alerts using this link:

Another site I check regularly is Google Flights in the ‘Calendar View’, this works well when you have flexible dates. And you need to be checking pretty consistently because prices are always going up and down!


Delta has a great program that helps you get skymiles to use towards free flights, not only do they have the skymiles program but they also have the Delta Skymiles American Express Card. The regular skymiles program will give you points every time you fly with Delta and you do not have to have a card in order to sign up. BUT using the Delta Skymiles AmEx will get you significantly more miles, on top of bonus miles. You earn points for using it on everyday purchases, flights and more. If you’re terrified of the idea of having a credit card, I get that, but also if you are smart and use it like a debit card (aka: Only spending what you have & paying the balance off before the bill is even due) you won’t ever have to worry about going into debt. Plus you get early access to concert tickets, you & up to 5 guests get to check your bags for free, you get the occasional upgrade & you get to fly for free! If you’d like more information & 60,000 bonus miles follow this link:

3.  Have an idea of where you want to go.

Something I always do when traveling is figuring out where I might want to go first, then I research everything I can about the destination to be sure that’s really the place where I want to invest my time & money into. You can’t plan a trip without knowing where you want to go.

4.  Find ways to Budget.

This one was really hard for me at first, but as I took a look at what I was spending each month on various things it allowed me to see how much extra money I could really be saving for traveling. Instead of eating out I will eat at home, instead of buying a new dress I’ll put that money into a savings account, I share a Netflix & Hulu account so that I don’t have to be spending money each month. Every penny saved is another penny put towards my ability to travel.

5.  Give yourself time to plan. 

Although you might need to purchase flights on a whim in order to get them at cheap prices, it doesn’t mean you have to leave the next week. Spontaneous trips are fun, but typically you end up spending more than you need to on last minute trips. Take the time to plan out your trip. This way you’ll be able to get an idea of how much you’ll be spending, what you’ll be doing & you will be able to make the most of your time during your vacation.

Hopefully your travel bug gets cured quick! What are some of the tips you have when it comes to how to travel frequently?



Talks Tuesdays-Week One

My first series on my blog and I couldn’t be more excited! Talks Tuesdays will consist of me sharing and going over a Conference talk! This week I wanted to share my very favorite talk. It’s called ‘Meeting the challenges of today’s world’ given by Elder Robert D. Hales. This talk is my go to talk whenever I am feeling upset or discouraged regarding where my life is at with school, my career or my dating life. It’s a talk that gives me hope and helps me to realize that as we rely upon the Lord and strive to make the correct choices He will guide us in the right direction. It also mentioned today’s younger generation in association with debt, education and marriage.

Elder Hales said, “Speaking plainly, please don’t date all through your 20s just to “have a good time, thus delaying marriage in favor of other interests and activities. Why? Because dating and marriage aren’t final destinations. They are the gateway to where you ultimately want to go.” Every single time that I want to give up on dating or get discouraged I immediately resort to this talk because it nudges me in the direction of remembering what my end goal is. I feel like the quote above applies a lot to Provo, so many people go on dates because they want to makeout or date multiple people all at once. When realistically dating is our gateway towards eternity. 

Another quote I really like was this, “That said, none of us marry perfection; we marry potential. The right marriage is not only about what I want; it’s also about what she/he—who’s going to be my companion—wants and needs me to be.” Nobody is perfect, the perfect person isn’t going to fall into your lap, relationships take work, and I think a lot of people put the expectation of perfection upon their relationships. Perfection will come within a relationship as you take the time to work towards loving the imperfections that come along with being human and choosing to develop a way to recognize each others flaws but find a way to look past them. I’m no genius on relationships, clearly I’m still single in Utah at 25, but talks like this help put things into perspective. 

This talk is a simple reminder to me that going throughout life we will make choices every day that will impact our eternal happiness. A reminder that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and He will guide us as we are striving our best to be worthy. “Wait upon the Lord. I testify that the Lord knows your desires and loves you for your faithful devotion to Him. He has a plan for you.”

We are ultimately responsible for ourselves, nobody else can make our decisions for us, we have agency like Elder Hales said, “Only your faith and prayers will cause you to lift yourself and have the mighty change of heart. Only your resolve to be obedient can change your life.” Life comes with a lot of challenges as we were placed here to be put through trials, How are you going to meet the challenges of today’s world? 

To read the full talk by Elder Robert D. Hales click this link:

Happy Talks Tuesdays!



Coming from a broken family.

Today was very eye opening to say the least. On this rainy morning I was heading to the afternoon session of LDS General Conference. I had never been to conference before, it’s always been something I’ve wanted to share with someone special.

One of my younger cousins invited me to go and I thought ‘If I have the opportunity to go why would I hold myself back from going just because I don’t have a boyfriend to share it with? I’ll share it with the ones who will always be there, my family.’ So after some convincing and thought I decided to attend.

My grandma, aunt, two cousins and I were on the way to the Conference Center in Salt Lake as we received a scary phone call from my uncle telling us they had rolled the truck in the canyon while driving home from a hunting trip. Immediately we knew that today we would be going straight to our family instead of attending General Conference.

Luckily aside from concussions and some scrapes, everyone is okay. The truck and trailer had flipped four times on the freeway. It’s safe to say Heavenly Father had my family in his hands today. Within minutes the entire family came together, driving up the canyon with trailers to help gather all of the gear that had flipped everywhere on the freeway. Then we all met at the hospital and went on to my uncle and grandpas homes unload and organize everything that had been gathered. Making sure to all help each other out and work as a team.

As I observed this, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for the family I have been blessed with.

Sometimes at this stage in life it’s hard to recognize just how important family is, lately I’ve avoided going to family dinner each week because I have too much homework, there’s a devotional I want to attend, there’s a game night going on with friends or simply because I don’t want to be questioned about dating, marriage and grandkids. Today reminded me that family is important and spending time with them is something I need to do regularly.

The topic of coming from a broken family is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while now. For those of you that don’t know I was raised by a single mom as her only child, I have a dad but he was never really in my life growing up and let me tell you it was rough. But I wouldn’t change it for the world, I wouldn’t be the women that I am without that divorce. I wouldn’t have my younger brother and sister if it weren’t for that divorce.

Throughout my entire family there have been divorces and marriages, there are those who are active within the church, some who have fallen away and some who don’t believe in it at all. And at times explaining my family dynamic can be intimidating when I want to date someone because there’s always that thought in the back of my head, ‘What are they going to think?’ ‘Are they going to judge me based off of my family?’ I’ve even thought that nobody will ever want to date me because of it. But guess what……it does not matter what others think of your family dynamic. I would not trade one person in my family for anything in the world. Nowadays so many people portray their perfect marriage or perfect family via social media. But the word perfect does not even come close, nobody is perfect, every single couple, every single family, every single person has flaws and shortcomings. We were put on this earth to experience flaws, shortcomings and trials. Don’t hold your families flaws against them, because that family is the one thing that shaped you into the person that you are. They are the ones who will come together to save you when you are in a crisis. Your family will always be family. Family member will love you unconditionally. Life is too short to not recognize this.


If you come from a broken family and are sometimes intimidated by that fact, I’m here to tell you to Stop it! Don’t let your family dynamic dictate an insecurity because that ‘broken family’ of yours will be your eternal back fall, they will love you when relationships fade and when life gets tough. When it comes to dating, date someone who sees and accepts whatever family situation you might be in, not someone who will pass judgements or neglect to take the time in order to understand. Too often people see coming from a broken family as a bad thing and although it is not something I prefer my future children to experience, it is a concept that creates strong individuals throughout the entire family. I don’t say it enough, but I love my family unconditionally, broken or not they are my life.

How do you see your family dynamic? Do you see it as something to judge or something to love? 



Sunday Thoughts

There are a few things I discovered while taking a break from social media. It humbled me, it got me thinking a lot about my blog and why I began it in the first place. To hopefully inspire others in more way than one. I actually began my blog as a way to be an everyday missionary and it’s turned into so much more than that.

In all honesty, I went off of social media because my life was chaotic, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break, my heart was hurting and my mind was too distracted. I was at a point where I needed the gospel, I needed it to be more of a priority in my life. I needed a constant when my life was a whirlwind of emotions. As I took a break from social media I took more time to focus on the gospel. Taking the time to pray with every ounce of my heart, listening to conference talks instead of the radio, attending the temple, reading my scriptures first thing in the morning as opposed to scrolling through social media on my phone.

It felt good. It helped me to refocus and form better habits. Obviously, I’m living my life and there is a balance to everything, but for a few weeks I allowed the gospel to consume my life because it was literally the only thing holding me up. Now having social media back I am grateful for the habits I developed as I allowed the gospel to hold me up. And I’m doing my best to have a gospel centered life, while also living my regular day to day life.

Today I decided to fast, this is not something I do often because of medical reasons. But this morning I felt like I was strong enough to fast. It made a difference in my Sunday. And I thought I should share some things that I do on Sunday’s that make a difference in my day and help me to get the most out of my church attendance.

-I always get ready for Church and listen to a short conference talk.

Most times on Sunday all I want to do is have a dance party and watch Netflix, by listening to a conference talks it helps to remind me to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

-During the administration of the sacrament I stay off of my phone, I take the time to pray, listen and offer thanks. 

Okay I’m far from perfect and ADHD so staying completely off my phone during church is extremely hard for me, I decided over a year ago that I was going to commit to at least staying off my phone during the administration of the sacrament. Usually I’ll pray about the upcoming week or offer a prayer of thanks. Then I just stay quiet and listen. It’s something I look forward to each week.

-If I am having a hard time paying attention to the lesson being given I will simply read my scriptures. 

Sometimes lessons are awesome and sometimes they are really hard to follow along with. When the latter happens I will read my scriptures, this gives me a chance to still be learning something.

-When I really feel the urge to learn, I’ll put my phone on airplane mode.

This is something I started doing recently and when I do this I’ll also open up a note in my phone so that I can document what I am learning that day. Not every week, just every so often. It’s really nice because when I do this I usually will get more out of my Sunday.

What makes a difference in your Sunday?

I intended for this blog post to be short, but it ended up being a bit longer than I had anticipated, what can I say I love to talk. Anyways, during my social media break I thought about some things I want to regularly do on my blog. One of these things will be starting ‘Talks Tuesdays’ where I will go over a conference talk and share it on my blog. I’ve read some really great ones lately and I’m so excited to get started! Make sure to subscribe or tune in on Tuesdays to see what I’m talking about. I know you probably thought I was announcing that I’m going on a mission, I’m saving that for when I’m older with my eternal companion. For now, my blog is my mission. 😉



Social Media Worth.

I know what you’re thinking, “She’s only been off of social media for a couple of weeks and a few days, that’s not a break.” And you are right, it wasn’t much of a break but during these past few weeks I’ve learned a lot. In today’s world it’s so incredibly hard not to base your worth off of how many likes, comments, messages and shares you get after posting something on social media. Sometimes life gets rough, sometimes your heart gets let down, sometimes you need time to yourself. All of this pushed me to the point where I just needed a break, I realized that I was consumed by the social media apps that were on my phone and life should be about so much more than people’s thoughts regarding what’s on a screen.

In reality people don’t care if I’m on social media or not, in fact I’m sure a lot of people would prefer me not to be on it, because ‘the world doesn’t need another blogger or instagram influencer’ but I do my best to cultivate a difference and I’m not going to let negative thoughts stop that. I needed to get away from what was on my screen, I didn’t want to see it anymore, I didn’t want to be wasting hours on end scrolling through feeds. Having the guts to delete my social media apps on my phone took a lot. My phone is somewhat of my security blanket, so it was hard to take the step away for a moment. But in these past few weeks I realized a few different things:

-Your worth does NOT depend upon the amount of likes, shares, comments and messages you get after posting.

-Connecting on a deeper level is way more important than connecting via a screen.

-Taking time away from social media can put a lot into perspective and open up time to put towards other things in life. 

-Moderation is key.

Social media has brought so many different aspects into my life, not only is it a part of my job, but it also brings on comparisons. Comparisons to others and what companies are endorsing them, how many followers others have, comparing relationships and everything else. It isn’t healthy. Just because I may not get 5k likes or have 20k followers does not mean that I do not have worth. I needed to take a break from it to realize why I started this blog in the first place, I want to inspire others, I want to relate to others and be vulnerable in what I write about. While it would be amazing to have more of a following in order to reach more people, what matters is the fact that I am reaching even one person.

Building relationships in a world of social media is almost impossible. Call me old school, but I want to know people beyond what’s on their social media. I want to know people for who they actually are, not for what is portrayed on Instagram or Facebook. Because when it comes down to it if we aren’t taking the time to connect with others in real life than what is the point of having social media at all? It seems like it’d be pointless.

When I deleted the apps off of my phone I had so much more time to put into other things. I’ve been going to the temple a lot more often, I took the time to organize my room, get errands done and go to the gym everyday. It allowed me to not waste so much time mindlessly scrolling, instead I was able to sort through my thoughts and decide on what I need to work on in my life.

Moderation with social media is something that is key. Shortly after I made the decision to go off of social media I had to take a step back and realize that sometimes posting is a part of my job. It’s also a huge part of my life, being a model, photographer and blogger it’s linked to all of my careers. But just because having social media is vital to my careers, doesn’t mean that it has to consume my life. Limiting myself to how much I’ll be on social media will help me to create a balance that is manageable and works with my lifestyle.

There are so many pros and cons to social media and I hope that through keeping social media I will be able to impact someone and make a difference in their life. I may not be on it as often as I used to be but it’s something I’m not ready to give up on completely.

How do you use social media to improve your life?

Photos took place in Mykonos Greece at the coolest abandoned lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. I will be blogging more about my travels and so much more each week. Some exciting stuff is coming up so be sure to subscribe and follow along.

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Extensions: Laced Hair Clip Ins (



Be Proud Of Your Scars.

Hello! I know I was supposed to do this post a few weeks ago, but life has been a tad bit hectic lately, better late than never right? So recently I was able to go visit one of my good friends Harmony in Maui, Hawaii. It was so beautiful there. We got to catch the sunset on the beach every night and play all day, I swear I only wore swimsuits the entire time because we were always doing something with water. Let me tell you, it was the best.

Spending the weekend in Maui and being in a swimsuit a ton made me think a lot about body image and the scars that my body bares. First things first, I’ve had people comment, private message, and text me things like, “Why would you post a picture in a bikini?” “Wow you’re so skinny, do you ever eat.” “Haven’t you gone through the temple, why are you wearing a bikini?” “Oh I bet all the guys are messaging you because you posted a swimsuit pic.” “You’re going to attract the wrong attention.”  All I have to say to that, is get a freaking grip and stop passing judgements. Yes I have been through the temple, but wearing a bikini says absolutely nothing about my standards or my character, I’m aware that I am skinny, are you aware that I’ve been exhaustingly trying to gain weight for 6 years? As for attracting guys or the ‘wrong’ attention, I do not wear a bikini to attract guys, that statement is laughable to me because I think to myself ‘If I’m not attracted to how tiny I am, why would a guy be attracted to that.’ and if guys are attracted to me simply because I’m wearing a bikini, they are not the type of guy I would allow myself to date.

All of that aside, I began thinking about how I used to be so ashamed of the 7 scars on my abdomen, they embarrassed me, I was always attempting to cover them up. Until I realized that my scars are something to be proud of, a symbol of the fact that I am a survivor and am lucky to be alive. They make me stand out, they make me different. And sometimes it’s hard to accept that fact. But as I did I gained confidence in wearing a bikini, because it means that I am able to strongly accept the scars that I have and it might even get me a chance to talk about them. On top of my scars, I am skinny. I’ve always been skinny and I probably will always be skinny. Like I said above I do not think it’s the most attractive, but guess what, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be confident in my own skin. It doesn’t mean that I can’t love the body I’ve been given. Wearing a bikini gives me a chance to do that.

I know that bikinis aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay because guess what, you look just as good in tankinis, one pieces even tee shirts and shorts. Own what you’re confident in, don’t force yourself to be in a situation where you aren’t feeling like yourself.

Nowadays people are so concerned with what others think about them. Worrying that they have to keep up a certain image. The world has been overtaken by fitness and nutrition and mom’s that have 5 kids but still have 6 pack abs. And don’t get me wrong I think these are both amazing things, but I don’t think putting the same expectations on ourselves is healthy. Every human being is different, therefore every human being is going to have different bodies and styles. I think instead of attempting to become like someone else, we should focus more on our bodies specifically and what works best for us. We need to work on loving our bodies despite the physical or emotional scars we have been given. Because regardless of what you look like, you are loved, you are unique and you have value.

So stop comparing yourselves to others and passing judgements on people that you might not know the whole story on. Cultivate and create relationships with others instead of assuming things. Learn that you are loved and that you deserve to be confident within your body no matter what shape or size. Be proud of the scars you have.

More to come on my trip to Maui soon!

I will forever only order my swimsuits from Zaful, the one above is only $13!

Swimsuit in Size Small:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Top Picks

One of my favorite sales of the year is here and let me tell you it’s the best time to stock up for fall fashion!

Every year Nordstrom does their Anniversary Sale that has incredible deals, I had early access and thought I’d share my top picks with everyone! The Sale opens to public tomorrow so be sure to go online and stop in at the store before everything is gone!

Here are my top picks!

#1: Steve Madden Effect Block Heeled Bootie-$86

I bought these booties in both grey and black (Size 7)! They are so comfy and can be worn all year long, trust me you’ll thank yourself later! In the photo above I’m also wearing a black Hudson skirt (size 26) that was ‘garment approved’ and had a fun material. My top is the Lush Ruffle Bell Sleeve Blouse (Size Small). I love this because you can never go wrong with an all black outfit!





#2 TopShop Ripped Denim Jacket-$63

This Denim Jacket (Size 4) is just the perfect amount of oversized and fitted, also it is just distressed with no embroidery. I love that because its a piece I can use in every season and can be a staple item as opposed to being something that will likely fade out. I paired it with a TopShop Distressed Hoodie (Size 6, bought a little bigger), Good American Skinny Jeans (Size 25)  & Grey Booties (Size 7).






#3 Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket

This Suede BlackNYC Jacket (Size XS) is so soft and actually feels like I’m wearing a jacket so it can work for fall or winter. The color is so easy to mix and match!

Jacket-$125: The color I bought wasn’t listed online, but it is in stores!

#4 Paige Jeans

Paige Jeans (Size 25) are absolutely my favorite brand, they’re always so soft and the perfect fit! I paired them with a Lush Blouse in light blue (Size Small)!



#4 BP Velour Tee

I feel like my closet could always use some more ‘out of my comfort zone’ pieces. This BP Crushed Velour Tee is that piece for me, I love that it’s girlie and has texture. I paired it with the Treasure & Bond jeans (Size 24), I loved the distressing around the ankles in the back and some cute BP booties (Size 6.5)




#5 Zella Live In Leggings

If you don’t own a pair of Zella Leggings do yourself a favor now and go buy them! I would wear them every day and they are on sale for $35 right now! I paired them with an Adidas hoodie which is an essential item in my eyes & my very favorite pair of Nikes. I know I know competing companies, but when it comes to comfort I just can’t help myself.


Hoodie-$42: In Store Only



Some Favorite Finds From The Sale:

-Adidas Dress:

Adidas Workout Outfit: Top: Bottom:

-BlankNYC Embroidered Faux Leather Jacket:

BlankNYC Metallic Faux Leather Jacket:

Marc Fisher Over The Knee Taupe Boots:

Sigma Beauty Brush/Cleaning Mat:

MAC Nude Lips Box:

Voluspa Candle Set:

MAC Advanced Brush Kit:


Happy Shopping!



Life of Lex in the Big Apple

I’ve been to New York City once before and my trip a last week blew my first experience in the Big Apple out of the water! It was so much fun. Not only did I get to experience Manhattan and it’s surrounding areas but I also got to experience the Hampton’s and they did not disappoint. It was the best of both worlds, I got to play in the busy city and the quiet beach town. The vibes are incredibly different and I loved it. I actually went on a couple of dates when I was in New York and a lot of what I did while I visited could double as fun date nights!

Some things I did in Manhattan:

-Went to the New York City Temple to do a session

-Visited Central Park: There’s a lot to do and see here, make sure to look into what you want to accomplish at the park before going so you don’t waste too much time. Or go get lost for a few hours, this park is the perfect spot to wander.

-Visited the Flat Iron Building

-Went to Avocadoria in Brooklyn: Only a two block walk away from the subway. Inside a really cool industrial building with a bunch of different restaurants, definitely come hungry.

-Took the subway everywhere: The subway system is relatively easy, just pay attention. And be aware that often times the route and trains are different during the weekends.

-Ate Cookie Do: 110% worth the wait and even better when it’s refrigerated!

-Visited the High Line: Walked this during sunset and it was beautiful, I thought it’d be lame, but it ended up being one of my favorite spots.

-Visited Kish: An incredible ice cream store that also has luxury shoes, aka customizable Nike gear! There are only two in New York and my mind was blown. Best ice cream I’ve ever had. Three words, cereal ice cream.

Some things I did in the Hamptons:

-Ate at Farm Country Kitchen: I fell in love with this farm to table restaurant, it’s set up on a river with the cutest lights. The menu changes often, the staff and food were incredible.

-Went to the cutest starbucks ever (I’ll have to look into the exact location)

-Beach at sunset: Literally feels like your on set of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Softest sand, water is warm and so much fun.





New York is so much fun, there is so much to do within the state and I am already planning my next trip back! Please do not use or post any of these photos unless you tag my photography website ( or my photography instagram (@_lcphoto) The copyright belongs to LC Photography.



Be Excited When You Date.

Lately I have been purposefully avoiding dating, why? Because I just haven’t been excited about it. Too often I’d find myself not really being excited about being on dates, getting to know guys that I’d probably never see again. And so I stopped going on dates. I thought about it, and to me, unless I’m excited about going on a date, I wasn’t going to go. I would much rather go on dates when I am excited about it. Because if the date turned into a relationship I wouldn’t want to later on say, ‘oh ya I wasn’t even excited to go on our first date.’ Plus if you go on dates when you aren’t excited about them, then you won’t be as prone to getting to know them, it won’t be as genuine. And the person taking you on that date deserves your excitement, just as you deserve theirs.

While I was in New York City, I stayed with one of my close friends and her husband and they wanted to set me up with someone. Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to go, but I decided that I should change my attitude about it and go on the date and allow myself to be excited about going. So I did just that, I chose to go into it thinking that it’d be fun to go on a date, especially in New York City! If it goes somewhere awesome, if not that’s okay, either way I was going to be excited and have fun. And guess what I actually had a really good time. Because I went in being excited about it. It made all the difference.

Sometimes there are people you know that it would probably never form into a relationship, and although they may be eager to take you on a date, if you aren’t excited about it, don’t go. Don’t lead them on. I get the concept that ‘you never know’ and it just might end up going somewhere, but also like I said before if you aren’t going into it being excited you probably shouldn’t go at all. I know for a fact it is possible to be excited about seeing someone, and I know for a fact that it’s possible to go on dates with someone that you aren’t super excited about. Why settle for the later? You deserve to have butterflies when it comes to seeing someone, you deserve feeling like you can have fun going to the grocery store with someone, you deserve to be excited about someone. Dating should be fun and exciting, it’s a time when you are figuring out what you do and not want within a future spouse, don’t allow it to be a burden. Allow it to be an excitement.

Where am I? The Flat Iron Building in NYC. If you haven’t been here I highly recommend going. Everywhere you look in this area is an architectural heaven.



Let’s talk about milestones.

Well this is 25. Yesterday was my birthday and if I’m being honest I’ve been dreading turning 25 this entire year. Do you know why? It’s because I’ve placed so much pressure on myself (as well as taking on pressure from others) to have accomplished certain things by this age. Ever since I was younger I had envisioned where my life would be at this point…When I thought about life at 25 I envisioned having a hot husband who loved me, two little ones on my hips, being graduated from college and working on getting settled into a home and so much more. Newsflash, it’s nowhere close to being where I had pictured.  And that feeling is more than gut wrenching. These are all milestones I had set for myself and now being here it’s disappointing that I haven’t accomplished them.

Don’t worry this post will become less depressing because guess what? This week I’ve been doing a TON of deep thinking about milestones and where I’ve been in life and how much I’ve accomplished despite not reaching certain milestones. What I decided is that creating goals for ourselves is so very important, but creating timelines for big lifetime milestones is not. In reality life is a roller coaster and ultimately we cannot control every single aspect of our lives. Think about where you were at four years ago, now think about how much you’ve grown since then, what you’ve been through since then and how that is benefiting your life currently. Creating milestone deadlines in our heads is self sabotage. A set up for disappointment. Why would we ever want to rush finding love for ourselves? Or potentially having kids before we are adult enough to be parents? These things shouldn’t be rushed, they should have thought put into them and take time to cultivate. When you are rushing your life to meet milestones you won’t be taking the time to enjoy the growth and progress that comes along with facing struggles and learning patience.

Each year for my birthday since I was 19 I get up bright and early and start my day off going to the temple. This year I worked a night shift the day before and after my birthday so I didn’t have time to do a session, but I still drove to and sat on temple grounds. Usually during these days I’d be thinking about how I’m another year older and how I still haven’t accomplished the big milestones I had in mind. But this year was different. This year I’ve decided it’s a waste of energy to worry about what hasn’t happened in my life yet and to start putting energy towards having faith in gods timing for the milestones in my life. Like I said before, we cannot control every aspect of our lives and life is a rollercoaster. But when we take the time to have faith in our Heavenly Fathers plan for us it will allow us to enjoy the ride.

Stop worrying about your age. Stop worrying about the fact that you aren’t married. Stop worrying about not having the house of your dreams. Stop worrying about not being settled into a huge career. Create goals and accomplish them. Enjoy your life as it comes to you. Don’t rush it.