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Talks Tuesdays-Week Two

Coming back to ‘Talks Tuesdays’ is scary but also so exciting. See, after my last Talks Tuesdays post I was bullied by a group I didn’t really know, simply because of an opinion I had regarding a conference talk. But with that being said I’m not going to allow that to scare me away from […]

Talks Tuesdays-Week One

My first series on my blog and I couldn’t be more excited! Talks Tuesdays will consist of me sharing and going over a Conference talk! This week I wanted to share my very favorite talk. It’s called ‘Meeting the challenges of today’s world’ given by Elder Robert D. Hales. This talk is my go to […]

Sunday Thoughts

There are a few things I discovered while taking a break from social media. It humbled me, it got me thinking a lot about my blog and why I began it in the first place. To hopefully inspire others in more way than one. I actually began my blog as a way to be an […]