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Lead by Example.

I was going to do a post about dating and how we treat others and while that topic technically relates to what I’m going to talk about I’ll have to save it for another day. Today is Mother’s Day and as I become older this holiday means more and more to me. I’m not a […]

Lean On Me.

Life has absolutely been kicking my butt lately. Especially these past few weeks. I went through something pretty intense two weeks ago that could have ended in a devastating outcome, something that was 110% out of my control. And I feel as though I’ve kind of been drowning ever since. I won’t go into specific […]

Where it all began.

Next week will mark my two year anniversary of choosing to go through the temple and I’ve been feeling very sentimental lately. So I thought I’d do a post about where it all began, St. George. I’ve only told a handful of people the actual story and it isn’t something I bring up often. I […]

The Storms In Life.

Honestly, the last few weeks have kind of been rough. Everything that could have gone wrong seemingly did so. Between work, dating, school, housing, finances, it has been one thing after another. It got me to a point where I kept thinking, “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me” I was frustrated. I was […]

Mistakes do not define.

This topic is a little scary for me to talk about because to me, its still a little bit confusing. At some point everyone is going to make mistakes in their lives. Nobody is perfect. Being a member of the Latter-Day Saints I utilized the repentance process within my journey of becoming an active member […]

Today I Chose Faith.

Sometimes you make a decision that feels so right, and then the doubts creep in. It’s happened to the best of us. Recently I made a huge and quite terrifying decision. I decided to move into a new city, although I had lived in this city previously, something felt different this time. Something felt right. […]