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Rainy Day In.

I’m the girl that is terrified of thunder and wind, but loves rainy days. How does that work? I have no clue but it’s true. Rainy days are like a reset button for me. I’ve been loving that we have actually had a spring here in Utah this year, sometimes winter stays with us until […]

Fall time in Utah-Giveaway

Fall is slowly becoming my very favorite season, there is so much beauty here in Utah! Plus fall outfits are literally the best! Recently I was given the opportunity to try that crazy lip stuff called Lipsense! I was so doubtful, I didn’t think it would work and thought girls were insane to believe that […]

The Storms In Life.

Honestly, the last few weeks have kind of been rough. Everything that could have gone wrong seemingly did so. Between work, dating, school, housing, finances, it has been one thing after another. It got me to a point where I kept thinking, “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me” I was frustrated. I was […]

You Are Enough.

If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t good enough, you aren’t alone in feeling that way. We live in a world where people feel the need to compete. Being a photographer, model and blogger sometimes the feeling of not being good enough can become overwhelming. Especially in a community where the saturation of all three […]

Current Motto.

Never settle for something that doesn’t excite you.  Always follow through. Don’t give up on something that you are passionate about.  People will walk away, let them.  You simply deserve better. Current Motto. Scroll down to read more about my experience modeling during this shoot!! This is look 2 of 3. I was a little […]