Keeping Up With Traditions.

Valentine’s Day was always a day I absolutely loathed. A day of depression and sulking that I was still single with no Valentine. But guess what, it’s actually become one of my very favorite holidays. And it isn’t because I suddenly stumbled upon a Valentine, it’s because this holiday gives me an excuse to spoil others which makes my heart so happy!

Last year I created a tradition to spread love to others and it’s something I wanted to keep up on. Read more about my new tradition Here! This year I’ve decided to send 5 bouquets to different people that have been thoughtful towards me at some point in time. I wanted to return the favor, be thoughtful and send them a little surprise! Someday I’ll have a man to be cute and sappy with on this day and every other day. Being single doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy it now! It’s the day of love, I think the world needs to spread more love, and sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a good reminder of that!

How are you going to spread love today?



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