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Last night and today I got a lot of texts referring to my latest Instagram post regarding making people feel like a priority. A majority of the texts I got were from people assuming I was calling them out (even someone I’m hoping to score a second date with, fingers eagerly crossed) and I felt embarrassed because I am in fact not calling anyone out besides myself.

Long story short I read an article on, which I will share with you later, and it inspired me to make the relationships in my life more of a priority. It got me thinking about how at times in my life I haven’t felt like a priority to people and it really stinks and here I am, probably making people feel the exact same way. I have been so consumed with my work and school schedule, only prioritizing these things, forgetting that people should be a priority to. I would never want to intentionally make someone feel like they aren’t important to me, but I have been doing that by forgetting to do the simple things. Sometimes making priorities outside of ourselves is HARD. But I think everyone deserves to feel like they are a priority in someone else’s life. So I’ve come up with some ways to help make people feel this way!

  • Bring someone a treat.

-Doing this is a simple way you can remind someone that you are thinking of them. I know that when anyone has gone out of their way to do something kind for me I appreciate that even more than the treat they brought me. Plus it feels good bringing someone something sweet.

  • Send a text.

-Nothing beats getting or sending a thoughtful text. It could be well worded and thought out or a ‘hey I miss you, hope you’re doing well.’ ‘Good luck on your test today!’ or even letting someone know that you’re currently busy and you’ll get back to them as soon as you can. Lately I am notorious for not responding to texts…including my little brother, which typically doesn’t happen for me. So I’m going to work on being better at that.

  • FaceTime a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

-I LOVE facetiming, especially when I haven’t seen somebody in a while. I feel like it’s more personal than a snap or message on Instagram. Plus you’ll get to catch up and it’s the best. It makes my day every single time.

  • Make Time.

-This one is probably the trickiest for me because between working two internships along side an economics class and three other jobs I’m lucky if I have time to eat. But with that being said, I can always find ways to make time. AKA: Go into my internship at 5am instead of 8am, get ahead on an assignment so I can spare a few hours, do my laundry at a different time, etc. When people know how busy you are, but see that you are making time in your busy day to spend it with them, they will know that they are a priority to you.

  • Go old school and send a handwritten note or package.

-If anybody knows me you know how much I spoiling people. Leaving hand written sticky notes, taking the time to write out a longer note or even going above and beyond and sending a package will obviously make someone feel special. This isn’t something you need to do all the time, but every so often it feels great to send people surprises. I wrote 6 postcards this week and I’m so giddy about it!

  • Spam someones Instagram or Facebook feed. 

-Lets be real, who doesn’t love getting comments on their photos? I know this may seem like a dumb way of making someone feel like a priority, but if it makes someone feel good why not do it? Plus this is something you can do anytime of the day!

I did one of the above or something similar each day this week and I’m challenging each of you to make someone feel like they are a priority to you this weekend!! I’d love to hear feedback and ideas of how you do this! How are you going to make those around you feel like they are a priority?



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