There are a few things I discovered while taking a break from social media. It humbled me, it got me thinking a lot about my blog and why I began it in the first place. To hopefully inspire others in more way than one. I actually began my blog as a way to be an everyday missionary and it’s turned into so much more than that.

In all honesty, I went off of social media because my life was chaotic, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break, my heart was hurting and my mind was too distracted. I was at a point where I needed the gospel, I needed it to be more of a priority in my life. I needed a constant when my life was a whirlwind of emotions. As I took a break from social media I took more time to focus on the gospel. Taking the time to pray with every ounce of my heart, listening to conference talks instead of the radio, attending the temple, reading my scriptures first thing in the morning as opposed to scrolling through social media on my phone.

It felt good. It helped me to refocus and form better habits. Obviously, I’m living my life and there is a balance to everything, but for a few weeks I allowed the gospel to consume my life because it was literally the only thing holding me up. Now having social media back I am grateful for the habits I developed as I allowed the gospel to hold me up. And I’m doing my best to have a gospel centered life, while also living my regular day to day life.

Today I decided to fast, this is not something I do often because of medical reasons. But this morning I felt like I was strong enough to fast. It made a difference in my Sunday. And I thought I should share some things that I do on Sunday’s that make a difference in my day and help me to get the most out of my church attendance.

-I always get ready for Church and listen to a short conference talk.

Most times on Sunday all I want to do is have a dance party and watch Netflix, by listening to a conference talks it helps to remind me to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

-During the administration of the sacrament I stay off of my phone, I take the time to pray, listen and offer thanks. 

Okay I’m far from perfect and ADHD so staying completely off my phone during church is extremely hard for me, I decided over a year ago that I was going to commit to at least staying off my phone during the administration of the sacrament. Usually I’ll pray about the upcoming week or offer a prayer of thanks. Then I just stay quiet and listen. It’s something I look forward to each week.

-If I am having a hard time paying attention to the lesson being given I will simply read my scriptures. 

Sometimes lessons are awesome and sometimes they are really hard to follow along with. When the latter happens I will read my scriptures, this gives me a chance to still be learning something.

-When I really feel the urge to learn, I’ll put my phone on airplane mode.

This is something I started doing recently and when I do this I’ll also open up a note in my phone so that I can document what I am learning that day. Not every week, just every so often. It’s really nice because when I do this I usually will get more out of my Sunday.

What makes a difference in your Sunday?

I intended for this blog post to be short, but it ended up being a bit longer than I had anticipated, what can I say I love to talk. Anyways, during my social media break I thought about some things I want to regularly do on my blog. One of these things will be starting ‘Talks Tuesdays’ where I will go over a conference talk and share it on my blog. I’ve read some really great ones lately and I’m so excited to get started! Make sure to subscribe or tune in on Tuesdays to see what I’m talking about. I know you probably thought I was announcing that I’m going on a mission, I’m saving that for when I’m older with my eternal companion. For now, my blog is my mission. 😉



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    Beautiful post. You immersing your self in the gospel for a few weeks inspires me to do so too. Thanks for all the Sunday tips – can’t wait to implement Airplane mode. ??

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    Thanks Lexi, I’ve been thinking about how I want to improve my Sabbath day and this is a great answer!!! Love you Sister!!

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      Life Of Lex

      Thank you for reading! Love you so much! We need to catch up soon!

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