Talks Tuesdays-Week One

My first series on my blog and I couldn’t be more excited! Talks Tuesdays will consist of me sharing and going over a Conference talk! This week I wanted to share my very favorite talk. It’s called ‘Meeting the challenges of today’s world’ given by Elder Robert D. Hales. This talk is my go to talk whenever I am feeling upset or discouraged regarding where my life is at with school, my career or my dating life. It’s a talk that gives me hope and helps me to realize that as we rely upon the Lord and strive to make the correct choices He will guide us in the right direction. It also mentioned today’s younger generation in association with debt, education and marriage.

Elder Hales said, “Speaking plainly, please don’t date all through your 20s just to “have a good time, thus delaying marriage in favor of other interests and activities. Why? Because dating and marriage aren’t final destinations. They are the gateway to where you ultimately want to go.” Every single time that I want to give up on dating or get discouraged I immediately resort to this talk because it nudges me in the direction of remembering what my end goal is. I feel like the quote above applies a lot to Provo, so many people go on dates because they want to makeout or date multiple people all at once. When realistically dating is our gateway towards eternity. 

Another quote I really like was this, “That said, none of us marry perfection; we marry potential. The right marriage is not only about what I want; it’s also about what she/he—who’s going to be my companion—wants and needs me to be.” Nobody is perfect, the perfect person isn’t going to fall into your lap, relationships take work, and I think a lot of people put the expectation of perfection upon their relationships. Perfection will come within a relationship as you take the time to work towards loving the imperfections that come along with being human and choosing to develop a way to recognize each others flaws but find a way to look past them. I’m no genius on relationships, clearly I’m still single in Utah at 25, but talks like this help put things into perspective. 

This talk is a simple reminder to me that going throughout life we will make choices every day that will impact our eternal happiness. A reminder that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and He will guide us as we are striving our best to be worthy. “Wait upon the Lord. I testify that the Lord knows your desires and loves you for your faithful devotion to Him. He has a plan for you.”

We are ultimately responsible for ourselves, nobody else can make our decisions for us, we have agency like Elder Hales said, “Only your faith and prayers will cause you to lift yourself and have the mighty change of heart. Only your resolve to be obedient can change your life.” Life comes with a lot of challenges as we were placed here to be put through trials, How are you going to meet the challenges of today’s world? 

To read the full talk by Elder Robert D. Hales click this link:

Happy Talks Tuesdays!



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    Kyle and I are at a marriage retreat for a few days this week and tonight the speaker Jefferson Bethke said that same thought that marriage isn’t the end goal, Heaven with our Heavenly Father is! Marriage definitely isn’t going to be perfect for anyone, ever. We are human and we have selfish desires and don’t communicate properly but with Jesus as our number one, even over our spouse, we can have a marriage that shines for the Lord and spreads the Gospel! Love you sister!! You’re going to be an amazing wife some day!

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      Life Of Lex

      Love this so much! And I love you! Thanks for always taking the time to read my blog! It truly means the world to me!

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