Talks Tuesdays-Week Two

Coming back to ‘Talks Tuesdays’ is scary but also so exciting. See, after my last Talks Tuesdays post I was bullied by a group I didn’t really know, simply because of an opinion I had regarding a conference talk. But with that being said I’m not going to allow that to scare me away from doing what I am passionate about.

This week I wanted to go over the talk titled ‘Do We Trust Him? Hard is Good, given by Stanley G. Ellis’ What first drew me to this talk was the title. I was in a hard spot with my internship that I need in order to graduate and wanted something that would push my faith. This talk did just that.

From the very beginning it talks about The Lord trusts us, and how absolutely neat is that to think about? He trusts us with our agency, with His gospel, He is putting His trust within us and I love this. Because with His trust in us, we are capable of doing anything. He trusts us, so why wouldn’t we put our trust in Him?

Elder Ellis stated, “Do we trust that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do know us and want to help us? Even in the midst of trials, challenges, and hard times, do we still trust Him?” In this life we will experience trials and hard times, it’s unavoidable, what it comes down to is how we are willing to push through those obstacles and allow them to shape us. Nobody wants to go through hard things, but think about the hard times you have been through in the past and how those hard times got you to where you are at now. For me, I think about when I was not active within the gospel and how incredibly hard the journey to get back. But looking at it now, I am immensely grateful for the trials because as I did my best to have faith through the hard times my gratitude and testimony grew that much more. Like Elder Ellis said, “Hard makes us stronger, humbles us, and gives us a chance to prove ourselves.”

The talk brings up the Law of Sacrifice and how Heavenly Father along with many others had to make many sacrifices. I really liked this because it was a simple reminder that there is a reason behind our sacrifices. Our attitudes towards the Law of Sacrifice will define us as we allow it to. The talk mentions that each person is going to have a different opinion when it comes to what is hard. Something that I might struggle with may not be what someone else is struggling with. We need to be observant and open to this concept. You never know what those around you might be having a hard time with and we want to do our best to lift them up in faith.

My favorite quote from this talk was, “Regardless of the issue, hard can be good for those who will move forward with faith and trust the Lord and His plan.” Because it is so true, our faith can move mountains, there isn’t any issue that we won’t be able to handle if we come at it with faith!

How do you keep your faith during hard times??

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