What makes you girly?-Product Review

Full disclosure this post is sponsored, but my opinions are all honest and my own!

I got to try this Polishing Exfoliator and it’s been so fun. I am not a huge fan of anything lipsence or SeneGence, so I was a bit skeptical to try it out. Honestly it smells a little funky (I’m assuming due to the volcanic ash) BUT my skin is so soft after I use it! I was not expecting that.

Skincare was the last thing on my mind up until recently. Which is crazy because it’s something that is really important. I’ve always had pretty sensitive skin so it felt like using skincare products wasn’t an option for me. But it is SO much fun to have a spa day and get facials, massages and everything else. And experimenting with new facial products has been a recent discovery for me. I’ve loved how soft my skin has felt after trying this new product, which I will link below!

Tonight I thought I’d go over some fun facts about me. I’m not at all a tom boy but I’m also not a huge girly girl.


But I came to the conclusion of this: Technically none of the things I listed categorize anyone as being a ‘girly girl’ or ‘tom boy’ and really none of it matters because as long as you feel good and you are doing what you love, that’s what actually matters! If you really want to see what I came up with, shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you. Sometimes, to me, it can feel that certain things can mean I am girly or I’m not girly. And that’s okay because every single women is going to be different and have their own preferences. We are ALL beautiful, tom boy or girly girl or a little bit of both. So keep doing what you love and keep loving yourself, silly quirks and all!

Link to order facial product or anything else from Infinity Lips by Casie: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340904186264149/

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