Life of Lex in the Big Apple

I’ve been to New York City once before and my trip a last week blew my first experience in the Big Apple out of the water! It was so much fun. Not only did I get to experience Manhattan and it’s surrounding areas but I also got to experience the Hampton’s and they did not disappoint. It was the best of both worlds, I got to play in the busy city and the quiet beach town. The vibes are incredibly different and I loved it. I actually went on a couple of dates when I was in New York and a lot of what I did while I visited could double as fun date nights!

Some things I did in Manhattan:

-Went to the New York City Temple to do a session

-Visited Central Park: There’s a lot to do and see here, make sure to look into what you want to accomplish at the park before going so you don’t waste too much time. Or go get lost for a few hours, this park is the perfect spot to wander.

-Visited the Flat Iron Building

-Went to Avocadoria in Brooklyn: Only a two block walk away from the subway. Inside a really cool industrial building with a bunch of different restaurants, definitely come hungry.

-Took the subway everywhere: The subway system is relatively easy, just pay attention. And be aware that often times the route and trains are different during the weekends.

-Ate Cookie Do: 110% worth the wait and even better when it’s refrigerated!

-Visited the High Line: Walked this during sunset and it was beautiful, I thought it’d be lame, but it ended up being one of my favorite spots.

-Visited Kish: An incredible ice cream store that also has luxury shoes, aka customizable Nike gear! There are only two in New York and my mind was blown. Best ice cream I’ve ever had. Three words, cereal ice cream.

Some things I did in the Hamptons:

-Ate at Farm Country Kitchen: I fell in love with this farm to table restaurant, it’s set up on a river with the cutest lights. The menu changes often, the staff and food were incredible.

-Went to the cutest starbucks ever (I’ll have to look into the exact location)

-Beach at sunset: Literally feels like your on set of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Softest sand, water is warm and so much fun.





New York is so much fun, there is so much to do within the state and I am already planning my next trip back! Please do not use or post any of these photos unless you tag my photography website ( or my photography instagram (@_lcphoto) The copyright belongs to LC Photography.



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