Rocking the short hair attitude with HASK Hair

When I would see a girl with gorgeous long hair chop it all off, a little part of me would die inside and I would be so sad about the fact that they cut their hair. My automatic thoughts were, ‘Why would they ever do that?’

I had debated on cutting my hair short for about a year and a half, but I had two hesitations. One: No guys are going to think I’m attractive if my hair is short. Two: I cry when I trim my hair, how am I supposed to chop it off.

But it came down to this, being worried about a guy not liking me because of the length of my hair, are you kidding me?! That is ridiculous. I am more than my hair. I am more than what I look like. If someone isn’t willing to ‘swipe right’ or get to know me because of how I look then clearly they are not a guy I want to invest my time and efforts into anyways.

Then I had to mentally prepare myself for the big hair change, I went back and forth a million times and finally came to this conclusion, it’s just hair, it will grow back. And worse case scenario if I absolutely hate it I could get extensions and bam, problem solved.

Guess what! I absolutely love my short hair, and honestly cutting it forced me to focus on not caring what others might think of me and helped me to have more of a confident attitude when it comes to going after what I want!

I teamed up with HASK Haircare & they sent me the cutest package ever! My hair is so healthy and always feels incredible thanks to their products! Even on the days I have a bad hair day, using the dry shampoo is a total game changer and it smells amazing! If you haven’t tried out HASK Haircare you need to!

HASK Dry Shampoo:

HASK Hair Mask:

Hask Shampoo & Conditioner:

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