There has been a lot going on this week in regards to social media and bloggers and it’s actually a topic I have wanted to touch on for months now, so I figured it’d be a good time to talk about what I’ve been thinking.

Most of the time when I mention that I have a blog people automatically go, “Oh you’re a blogger…” And YES I am. So what. There are so many people that have inspired me through their blogs and their words. If you’ve kept up on my blog than you know that I use it as a means of inspiring others. My main hope is to inspire others in regards to faith. But I also hope to inspire in regards to lifestyle, fashion and so much more. Sometimes people refer to ‘bloggers’ as being in their own bubble of a world and there’s negativity surrounding that. When in fact I believe it to be the opposite, it is SO much more than a bubble.

If you know me or have had the opportunity to work with me, you know that a big part of who I am is being a supporter of others. I am huge into supporting local and cheering people on as they are pursuing their dreams. I absolutely love collaborating with others and spreading the word to help them out. This is one of the best things I have seen come from social media, not only have I discovered some amazing businesses and companies but I’ve been able to form relationships and friendships with so many people, thanks solely to connecting on social media. How cool is that?! While I have made money, it isn’t my only purpose to blogging, it is a perk, not only because I would love for blogging to be a career for me but also because I get to help support others as I am working. And in return, hopefully it will lead to me being able to inspire more people.

Social media can pull the worst out of people, but it can also pull out the best of people. Let’s quit with the negative and start supporting one another. Get excited about someone else’s accomplishments. Swipe up on the things that are being shared. Learn to cheer others on. 

If I know that swiping up and buying a tee shirt or purchasing a product will help to support someone else, I do it. Doing the little things like commenting on someones post or telling them in person how proud you are can really go a long ways. Every single time someone tells me they’ve read my blog, it pretty much brings me to tears because it means for just a second I made an impact. I am beyond grateful for those who take the time out of their day to read my posts or tell me how they have related to something I wrote. I’m almost positive that feeling will never go away. I want to bring this feeling to others, I want to shout my support from the rooftops and bring happiness to those I interact with. Because frankly, if I didn’t have the support of others I would be nowhere within my photography career, my modeling career, my blogging career and practically every other passion of mine. Everyone deserves to be appreciated, no matter what type of person they are. Let’s be better about making assumptions and take a second to get to know others before we pass judgements. Think about the change that could happen if we focused on supporting one another and spreading love, instead of focusing about competing or feeling like we will never be good enough.

Let that thought soak in.

How are you going to show support to someone today?? I’m challenging you to go out and support someone, show someone love. Shoot me an email, comment or DM about how you’ve done this. I would love to hear all about it.

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